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What We Do

Our work can be categorised into four main areas, all of which are closely interconnected and form an integral part of our mission and vision.

Resolve are on a mission to make all communities across the UK safe places where residents are able to flourish and feel empowered to take pride in where they live.

We strive towards this by:

1. Influencing national policy as the Government's go-to community safety organisation and representing the Resolve Community - a powerful collective of 200+ local authorities, housing providers, police forces and other organisations. 

2. Helping frontline staff to respond to ASB and deliver better outcomes for their clients/residents in a more effective and efficient way, by providing 24/7 access to a carefully curated suite of tools and resources, free events and 1-to-1 support.

3. Upskilling the sector through training courses, BTECs and the ASB Apprenticeship.

4. Evaluating an organisation's response to ASB through The Resolve Standard, and supporting an increasingly professional delivery of community safety services, by offering case reviews, policy & procedure reviews and other consultancy work.

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Learning & Development

Professional Practice


Resolve is the most influential organisation in the sector when it comes to developing national policy and legislation.

Being a Member of Resolve gives you a ‘seat at the table’ and the chance to be heard by Government and policy makers as part of a large collective.


We work with many national and local partners to further develop and improve policy and best practice. 

This includes:

  • The All Party Parliamentary Group on ASB
  • The ASB Taskforce chaired by the Secretary of State for DLUHC and the Home Secretary
  • The Home Office Strategic ASB Board
  • The ASB Panel launched by former Housing Minister during our ASB Awareness Week
  • Our own National Policy Advisory Group 
  • Victim Commissioners’ Advisory Board
  • National Housing, Domestic Abuse Policy and Practice Group
  • Home Office Voluntary Sector Forum
  • N8 Policing Research Partnership Advisory Board
  • Neighbourhood Watch Board 

Participating in / leading on these groups is in tandem to the extensive work we do ‘behind the scenes’, working with parliamentarians and policy makers on a weekly basis to drive improvements to national legislation on behalf of Resolve Members and all communities across the country.


We regularly run consultations and ask Resolve Members for their views on proposed legislative changes. Responses are fed back to our colleagues in Government and the Civil Service and have a significant impact on national policy decisions. 

Being a member of Resolve gives you a voice, enabling you to be heard as part of a large collective, and offers opportunities throughout the year to share your experience, to have input and shape national policy that will impact the tools, powers and resources you have available to you in your day-to-day role.

Click below to take a look at the currently open consultations or to share your views on any ASB / Community Safety issues.


Resolve have played an integral role in the development of key pieces of policy and best practice guidance, including but not limited to: 

  • The ASB Crime & Policing Act 2014 and the updated statutory guidance
  • The ASB Action Plan 2023
  • Victims and Prisoners Bill (ongoing) 
  • Pioneered the importance of a victim-centred, harm-based and trauma-informed approach when dealing with Community Safety and ASB
  • Continue to promote the importance for early-intervention and prevention, non-legal remedial action including mediation ,and other diversionary measures 

We are currently working on a number of major policy developments and offer Resolve Members the opportunity to be involved in these national decisions.


Supported by HM Government, all police and fire forces in the country, and hundreds of local authorities, housing providers and third-sector organisations, ASB Awareness Week is our major annual campaign and forms a key part of our influence work.


Our Membership programme offers unrivalled support for staff working in ASB and Community Safety by providing 24/7 access to tools, resources and guidance, helping practitioners to respond to ASB Community Safety issues effectively, efficiently and with confidence, so that they are better placed to deliver positive outcomes for residents/clients.


All member benefits are designed to help staff respond to ASB and Community Safety issues. Our tools and resources are thoughtfully composed pulling on decades of experience and expertise to help practitioners/officers respond to ASB and Community Safety issues with confidence, and in an effective, efficient way to deliver the best possible outcomes for your communities.

  • More effective and efficient service with more positive outcomes for clients / residents
  • Stay up-to-date with latest legislation and best practice
  • Ensure your service and policies are able to stand up to regulatory scrutiny


Being a Member of Resolve gives you unrivalled opportunities to be a part of the national conversation and help shape the policy and legislation that impacts your work on a daily basis. You can learn more about this here. 


We have an extensive suite of online tools and resources to support frontline staff. Our ‘How to…’ Practitioner Guides, Best Practice Library and Templates are go-to resources for frontline officers to support their complex work resolving Community Safety issues and responding to ASB.

See the extensive list of resources available to members - Learn More


We offer members free access to a variety of events and trainings throughout the year, both online and in-person. 

See the free events and trainings available to members - Learn More


  • Receive Resolve Weekly each week - the sector’s leading weekly bulletin covering the latest sector news, best practice examples, legislation updates, invitations to free events, consultations, vacancies, chances to connect with other members and much more
  • Ask The Network online space for ASB and Community Safety practitioners
  • Receive Resolution, our digital magazine and the UK’s leading community safety publication for free every quarter and be invited to feature articles
  • Special Interest Groups on topics such as Domestic Abuse, Mental Health, and Drug and Alcohol Misuse
  • Significant discount on costed trainings and events, such as the National ASB Conference, training courses (inc. CPD-Accredited courses), BTECs and much more
  • Priority access and discount on our other services, including the Resolve Standard, Case Reviews, Mediation, Policy and Procedure Reviews, Professional Consultancy
  • Local Authorities (representing 13 million constituents)
  • Housing Providers (managing over 3.5 million tenancies)
  • Police forces and PCCs 
  • Legal Firms
  • Third-Sector Agencies
  • Community Safety Partnerships
  • Corporate businesses and other companies

Resolve are a not-for-profit organisation are we proud that our membership continues to offer exceptional value for organisations of all sizes.

  • For Local Authorities without housing stock, full year membership typically represents a cost of less than 1 penny per household.
  • For Housing Providers, full year membership typically costs just 8 pence per unit. 
  • For PCCs, police forces and other organisations accessing our support, tools and resources, membership is typically £1,850 (2024-25). 
  • For corporate organisations, Legal firms, small non-profits/charities, and other groups, there are other types of membership (link to ‘other memberships webpage) available that may be more suitable. 
  • Membership entitles an unlimited number of your colleagues to access all of our support services and member benefits for the full year. 

We have worked extremely hard to keep the cost down as much as possible whilst still offering an exceptional service, and we are very proud that our membership is able to offer such outstanding value – particularly when one considers that our membership is over 50X cheaper than the Regulator of Social Housing’s fee of £5.40 per unit per year (2023)!


Is your organisation involved with responding to anti-social behaviour / other community safety issues?

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If you think you may be suited to one of our other memberships, please contact us

 Learning & Development

For over a quarter of a century, Resolve has been on a mission to professionalise the Community Safety sector. One of the ways we do this is by supporting those working in ASB / Community Safety with continued professional development opportunities, through our training courses, BTECs and the ASB Apprenticeship.


We offer a range of courses for frontline practitioners, from entry-level through to specialist masterclasses. All courses are delivered by experts in their field ensuring that the training is relevant, based on current best practice and draws upon real-life examples.

CPD-accredited courses award CPD hours that can go towards personal and professional development plans.


This Apprenticeship is a great option if your organisation needs motivated and qualified individuals for ASB and Community Safety roles. It's quick and easy to recruit, and apprentices are with you for at least 2 years, in which time they can develop real proficiency with your organisations’ systems and ways of working.

Apprentices go through an expertly curated training programme, with off-the-job training delivered by Resolve and all training plans coordinated with employers to ensure that off-the-job training is as relevant and beneficial as possible to the needs of your organisation/team. Furthermore, the cost of this training is covered by the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy.

This apprenticeship is not just for new-starters. The majority of apprentices currently on the programme already have first-hand sector experience and are gaining new skills and knowledge, which also benefits other members of your team and can really improve and enhance the delivery of your existing service.

“There is a logically sequenced curriculum that has a positive impact on employers and business.” – OFSTED 2023


Community Safety Professionals Training Ltd (CSPT) is our registered BTEC centre offering internationally recognised BTEC qualifications approved by Pearsons.

We are the leading national provider of Community Safety BTEC. Our BTECs are specially designed to support those working in the community safety and ASB sector, including the police, local authorities and housing providers. Modules blend technical and practical learning designed to equip practitioners with key skills.

We currently offer BTECs from Level 1 – 5. (Level 7 coming soon!)


We are delighted to be able to offer new e-learning courses covering a broad range of topics and that can be tailored to the needs of your team/organisation.


Resolve can deliver all of our training courses in-house to organisations (either in-person or online) and we can tailor them to your required policies, procedures and skills levels.

We can also offer induction programmes, bespoke training programmes for practitioners, training skills audits and performance management frameworks.

 Professional Practice

Resolve proactively develop national best practices, supporting our Members to work collaboratively and pilot new ideas with national organisations such as Stop Hate UK and Crimestoppers. 

The YouGov research we commission twice per year provides some of the most insightful and respected data on anti-social behaviour and community safety trends. This research and our accompanying recommendations have been referred to in parliamentary sessions, including Home Office Questions and the Home Secretary, Policing Minister and other MPs have met and even set up a new ASB Taskforce in light of the recommendations we have made in response to this data.

To provide the most relevant and topical best practice we partner with academic institutions to research the impact of legislation and new approaches and have launched a new Policy Department focused solely on this work.

Our collaborative approach means we continuously engage with Resolve Members, highlighting and promoting best practice and excellence wherever we see it.

Resolve are committed to the continued professionalisation of the sector, and we offer additional services to help organisations deliver an exceptional ASB / Community Safety service, such as: