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Take Action as an Individual or Community


1. Learn about ASB and know your rights

Recognising and reporting ASB

See this resource that we helped Neighbourhood Watch put together on how to Recognise, Record and Report Anti-Social Behaviour. (Link to full-screen version here


Where to go for support

ASB Help is a registered charity in England and Wales set up to provide advice and support to victims of anti-social behaviour.

If you're suffering from anti-social behaviour, you can go to ASB Help for information and advice.  



Your main rights as a victim of ASB

► ASB Case Review

If you are a victim of persistent anti-social behaviour and you have reported the ASB at least 3 times you have the right to activate an ASB Case Review. The ASB Case Review demands that the Police, Local Authority and/or any other relevant agencies (such as your housing provider) come together to try and find a solution to stop the ASB. You have a right to attend or to make your views heard. 

Unfortunately, our research shows that just 2% of people fully understand and know how to activate the ASB Case Review.

Take a minute to learn all about the ASB Case Review and how to request one:


► Community Remedy

The Community Remedy provides a vital opportunity for victims to be consulted and have input on the outcome and resolution to an anti-social behaviour offence. The Community Remedy suggestions will depend on the views of the community in each local area but could include, for example:

  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts
  • Mediation
  • Community payback work

The aim is to provide victims with the opportunity to ensure justice and reparation for an offence, as well as an important opportunity for perpetrators to learn about the impact of the offence and change their behaviour in the future, without being criminalised through court proceedings.

► Victims' Code

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (the Victims’ Code) is the statutory code that sets out the minimum level of service that victims should receive from the criminal justice system. This often does not apply to victims of ASB so we are continuing to push for victims of ASB to be included in the Victims' Code.    

2. Ask your MP to protect Victims of ASB

As Dame Vera Baird KC (former Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales) said, 

ASB can make victims’ lives a living nightmare, causing stress, misery and despair. It can also often be the precursor to serious crimes including knife crime and gang activity. Yet I have found victims of ASB are often treated as second class victims, unable to access the support that victims of crime can."

The Victims' Bill will mean that you have certain legal rights as a victim of crime. This includes the right...

  1. To be referred to services that support victims and have services and support tailored to your needs
  2. To be provided with information about compensation
  3. To be paid expenses and have property returned

Despite the harm that ASB causes, if you are a victim of ASB you will not be protected by the Victims' Bill. We think this needs to change as a matter of urgency. If you want to see victims of ASB protected, write to your MP using our template.  

What to do

  1. Click here to find your MP and then select ‘Send message’
  2. Copy and paste this template
  3. Fill in the missing details/delete as necessary::
    • Your name at the beginning
    • Your constituency
    • Key reasons/any personal experiences if you have any - otherwise delete that section
    • Your name at the end
  4. Send your message and wait for a response!

The whole process will take just a couple of minutes and will help to protect future victims of ASB.

3. Empower others  

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  • I would recommend Resolve’s antisocial behaviour Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) as a fantastic way to have an independent refresh of your ASB service to ensure community safety partnerships are delivering a high standard of victim care.

    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager
    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager Surrey Police
  • The process was very straight forward and turnaround was very quick. The Resolve associate was knowledgeable and helpful. The feedback was returned in an easy format and informed our policy development going forwards.

    Samantha Allcott
    Samantha Allcott Housing Plus Group
  • The exercise was really worthwhile, and I would recommend it to any organisation wishing to ensure they are providing a high-quality approach (which satisfies regulatory standards) to their customers when managing cases of antisocial behaviour.
    A huge thank you goes to Resolve who worked step by step through this process with us.

    Regional Business Manager
    Regional Business Manager Moat
  • Our old model was different in each region and business area, having a slightly different approach to investigation, recording and monitoring. By harmonising the approach and creating a Community Safety Hub bringing together ASB, domestic abuse, hate crime and community cohesion, Resolve is helping Riverside deliver excellence to its customers.

    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director
    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director Riverside Liverpool City Region

If you have an enquiry about any of the services we offer or simply wish to ensure that you are maximising the benefit of your Resolve membership, please contact the Resolve team.

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