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Latest News

Written by: Tom Nevitt
On 27 March 2023, the Government’s new “Anti-social Behaviour Action Plan” was launched, setting out a number of plans and commitments to tackle ASB and ‘restore pride in communities’.  We we...
Written by: Tom Nevitt
New report from the Victims' Commissioner, published today (14 March), spotlights the crucial role victim advocates play in supporting victims through the criminal justice process. "I'd be dead ...
Written by: Tom Nevitt
This blog post looks at a research project investigating the power of systemic and structural narratives that impact stereotypes and create biases to domestic abuse, as witnessed by service pr...
Written by: Tom Nevitt
Here's an overview of the evidence we gave after consulting Resolve members at the Public Bills Committee (Tuesday 12 December 2023).  Criminal Justice Bill 2023-24 proposed changes and membe...
Written by: Tom Nevitt
In this blogpost, we look at the recently published Policy Paper outlining the upcoming changes from the Criminal Justice Bill.  What are the changes? ASB powers The bill enhances the power...
Written by: Tom Nevitt
Crime and Policing Minister, Chris Philp talks about the importance of tackling Anti-social behaviour.  Anti-social behaviour is a menace. It is not petty or ‘low level’ crime. It manifests i...