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Consultancy & more

Offer a range of consultancy services to help organisations achieve professional delivery of a service.

As the UK’s leading experts on Community Safety and ASB, we offer a range of services to help organisations achieve professional delivery of a service that is highly efficient, effective and able to stand up to regulatory scrutiny.


Our expert consultants have extensive experience across community safety, ASB practice and service delivery. We provide support and constructive challenges to help organisations to deliver improved outcomes for residents, maximise service effectiveness, identify efficiencies and strive for excellence. 

Resolve can provide you with a service tailored to the needs of your organisation.

This could be particularly helpful if you are considering;

  • A comprehensive service redesign, greater resident involvement and scrutiny
  • A new strategy in relation to partnership working
  • A review of vulnerability risk management
  • Developing Service Improvement/Delivery Plans and Key Performance Indicators

Having spent the last 27+ years leading Community Safety and ASB strategy, policy and procedural development, Resolve can offer a great level of expertise and insight to support your organisation.

 We can support you if you are considering:

  • Merging with another housing provider
  • Considering reviewing your current strategy, policy or procedure
  • Moving from a specialist to a generic approach to ASB management (or vice versa)
  • A general health check

The review service will also look to other organisations to benchmark against like for like policies and procedures, and Resolve can support you through all stages of the process.


Do you have a complex case, a political “hot potato” or one that seems to have no resolution?

Are you considering legal action, or has the case become subject to your complaints process and needs an independent review?

We can review a case from an expert practitioner’s perspective and give you a strategy with key actions to take forward for a resolution.

This could be particularly helpful if;

  • You are considering legal action Resolve can ensure that options have been explored thoroughly, review the evidence and check that your procedures have been followed.
  • Acase has reached complaint stage, an independent review can support an effective resolution. Resolve can provide a thorough review of the evidence, detailing the processes followed and produce a report with key findings and recommendations going forward.
  • A complaint has reached the Ombudsman, our case review service can support organisations through the process, giving clear advice, taking into account your own organisations policies and procedures and how best to respond.
  • You want Resolve to assist in taking a particular case forward, including preparation, then this is also a service we can provide.

Interested in any of these services? Get in touch today!

The process was very straight forward and turnaround was very quick. The Resolve associate was knowledgeable and helpful. The feedback was returned in an easy format and informed our policy development going forwards - Samantha Allcott, Housing Plus Group