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Offering unrivalled support for staff working in ASB and Community Safety by providing 24/7 access to tools, resources and guidance.

How We Support Members

All member benefits are designed to help staff responding to ASB and Community Safety issues. Our tools and resources are thoughtfully composed, pulling on decades of experience and expertise to help practitioners/officers respond to ASB and Community Safety issues with confidence. As a result, Resolve Members are better able to effectively and efficiently deliver the best possible outcomes for their communities. 

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Be heard as part of an influential collective

Being a Member of Resolve gives you unrivalled opportunities to be a part of the national conversation and help shape the policy and legislation that impacts your work on a daily basis. 

Resolve is the UK Government’s go-to organisation when considering new community safety / ASB legislation. We represent thousands of practitioners and over 200 organisations, who serve tens of thousands of communities across the country and manage over 4 million tenancies.

 We sit on a number of influential advisory boards and working groups, such as the ASB Taskforce chaired by the Secretary of State for DLUHC and the Home Secretary, the Home Office Strategic ASB Board, the All Party Parliamentary Group on ASB and more, in addition to our own National Policy Advisory Group.

We regularly run consultations and ask for members' feedback on proposed policy changes and share this with our colleagues in Government and the Civil Service. 


Members have 24/7 access to an extensive suite of tools and resources, curated by sector-leading experts to make it easier for frontline staff to deliver positive outcomes for clients / residents. 

► ‘How To’ Practitioner Guides 

► Templates 

► The Legal Hub

► Case Studies 

► Professional Support 

We are 100% member-led. If there is a resource you can’t find, let us know!

Events & Training

Members can also attend a huge number of free events and trainings throughout the year (online and in-person), such as:

► Community Safety Surgeries with Rebecca Bryant OBE (bring your trickiest cases and get personalised support)

► Facilitated, expert-led discussion sessions

► Masterclass events

► Regional roundtables

► ASB Digital Day

► Ad-hoc webinars on topical issues

Other Benefits
✓  Receive Resolve Weekly for free each week

The sector’s leading weekly bulletin features invitations to free events and trainings, all of the latest legislation & policy updates, open consultations, current vacancies, the latest sector news and much more.

✓  24/7 acces to Ask The Network

The online community space for ASB and Community Safety practitioners. Got a tricky issue? Ask the network! You'll also get an official response from Resolve.

✓  Receive Resolution

Resolution is our quarterly digital magazine and is the UK’s leading community safety publication. Members receive it for free every quarter and are invited to feature articles.

✓  Special Interest Groups

Participate in Special Interest Groups on topics such as Domestic Abuse, Mental Health, and Drug and Alcohol Misuse.

✓  Significant discount for paid trainings and events

Such as the National ASB Conference, all of our paid training courses (inc. CPD-Accredited courses), bespoke e-learning courses, in-house training, BTECs and the Apprenticeship.

✓  Priority access and discount on our other paid services

Including the Resolve Standard, Case Reviews, Mediation, Policy and Procedure Reviews, Professional Consultancy.

Our Members

► Local Authorities (representing 13 million constituents)

► Housing Providers (managing over 3.5 million tenancies) 

► Police forces and PCCs 

► Legal Firms

► Third-Sector Agencies

► Community Safety Partnerships

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Resolve are a not-for-profit organisation are we proud that our membership continues to offer exceptional value for organisations of all sizes.

For Local Authorities without housing stock, full year membership typically represents a cost of less than 1 penny per household.

For Housing Providers, full year membership typically costs just 8 pence per unit.

Membership entitles an unlimited number of staff to access all of our support services and member benefits for the full year. 

✓ More effective and efficient service with more positive outcomes for clients / residents

✓ Stay up-to-date with latest legislation and best practice

✓ Ensure your service and policies are able to stand up to regulatory scrutiny

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Other Memberships

If you’re not a Local Authority, Housing Provider or Police Force, there may be another type membership more suited to you. Please get in touch outlining your needs and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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