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ASB Apprenticeship

The Uk’s only apprenticeship for ASB and Community Safety roles

Resolve is the first and only approved apprenticeship training provider for the new Anti-social Behaviour & Community Safety Officer Apprenticeship (Level 4)!

Having an Apprentice has significantly enhanced our ASB Service in a number of ways, and has also enabled us to look at some of the subjects being covered by the learning to ensure that they are covered within our ASB service delivery commitments.” – Current Apprentice Employer (2024)

This Apprenticeship is a great option if your organisation needs motivated and qualified individuals for ASB and Community Safety roles. It's quick and easy to recruit, and apprentices are with you for at least 2 years, in which time they can develop real proficiency with your organisation’s systems and ways of working. 

Apprentices go through an expertly curated training programme, with off-the-job training delivered by Resolve and all training plans coordinated with employers to ensure that off-the-job training is as relevant and beneficial as possible to the needs of your organisation/team. Furthermore, the cost of this training is covered by the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy.

“There is a logically sequenced curriculum that has a positive impact on employers and business.”

“Off the job is co-ordinated with employers, and apprentices develop useful new vocational knowledge, skills and understanding and take on additional responsibilities at work."

“As an example, apprentices independently deal with ‘cuckooing’ cases and put appropriate actions in place to ensure the safety and welfare of residents.”


This apprenticeship is not just for new-starters.

The majority of apprentices currently on the programme already have first-hand sector experience and are gaining new skills and knowledge, which also benefits other members of your team and can really improve and enhance the delivery of your existing service.

“Some learners have experience already, but it is clear what they are learning is new."
“Our apprentice is bringing fresh ideas to the role and contributes in team meetings to pass on her knowledge.”
Current Apprentice Employer (2024)
“The apprenticeship is having a positive impact on our service … Our apprentice is also encouraging others to use different techniques, especially on complex cases.”
Current Apprentice Employer (2024)

Our Latest OFSTED SA Report

2023-24 OFSTED SA Report (3.75 MB)