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We're calling for a national information sharing agreement to ensure that all agencies can get the information they need, when they need it, to prevent harm and criminal activity


We asked Resolve Members whether they've ever experienced difficulty accessing information from other agencies - even when the information was needed to prevent harm or criminal activity.

A staggering 97% said they experience difficulty at least some of the time, and a worrying 60% of respondents said they experience difficulty often or all of the time. Health services were identified as the most difficult agency to get information from.

Our Ask

Resolve will be lobbying for one single information sharing agreement, signed off nationally, which all agencies in Community Safety Partnerships can rely upon to get the information they need, when they need it. We are an influential organisation, but our calls will be louder with your support.

Join our call for change

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More information

There is, in fact, already legislation to account for information sharing between Community Safety Partners. The Crime and Disorder Act (1998) - Section 115 - states that agencies already have a statutory right to information for the purposes of reducing or preventing crime and ASB.

However, on the ground we know that many agencies are being subjected to extra restrictions and different information sharing protocols.

    The 2023 ASB Action Plan seeks to “provide additional guidance to agencies on data sharing, to make sure key information does not fall through the cracks between agencies when responding to anti-social behaviour incidents.” We very much welcome this and continue to wait for further information.