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Join the ASB Help PLEDGE and show your commitment to victims of anti-social behaviour.

ASB Help is committed to giving victims of anti-social behaviour a voice. We identified that by working directly with authorities responsible for managing the Community Trigger, and their partner agencies, we could advise them on best practice and help them to shape their policies and procedures to ensure victims of anti-social behaviour can easily invoke their statutory right to a review of their case. And crucially, that once activated, the Community Trigger brings about purposeful action to bring an end to the anti-social behaviour.

ASB HelpWe know that some organisations don’t embrace the Community Trigger. This may be because they feel the process will reflect badly on their organisation or they have not been shown the opportunities the process can bring to the victim and agencies in the area to work collaboratively and resolve serious cases of anti-social behaviour once and for all.

ASB Help established the ASB Help PLEDGE to challenge faulty ideas around the Community Trigger and help organisations to create robust and inclusive policies that will make it easier for victims to invoke the Community Trigger and enable all stakeholders in the community to play an active role in resolving entrenched anti-social behaviour.

Embracing the Community Trigger process is everyone’s opportunity to take back control of anti-social behaviour in their community and make it a better place to live.

Following a successful pilot, The ASB Help PLEDGE is now available for all organisations.

In the last six months, ASB Help has been working with a Local Authority on a pilot of the ASB Help PLEDGE. Using ASB Help’s self-assessment tool, every component of their existing policy and standard practices were scrutinised and tested for being victim-focused and conducive to resolving anti-social behaviour. Having an honest conversation about their current practice led to an appreciation that change was required. In just under 6 months, the Authority has fundamentally reshaped how they manage the Community Trigger. Changes have included internal staff training, creating a directory of contacts in partner agencies, identifying potential Community Trigger Chairs for review meetings and raising awareness in the community about the Community Trigger and how it can be invoked to ensure the most vulnerable victims know they have the right to request it. ASB Help has provided the Authority with template documents which deal with issues such as information sharing, how Community Trigger meetings should be managed, the suite of interventions available for managing cases of anti-social behaviour and guidance on how to ensure the victim is supported and represented throughout the process.

Following this successful pilot, we invite all Authorities with responsibility for the Community Trigger, as well as partner agencies managing anti-social behaviour, to sign up to the ASB Help PLEDGE.

Show your commitment to victims today and see more about what you are pledging to do and how it will help your organisation be ahead of the curve in community safety.

Join the ASB Help PLEDGE and show your commitment to victims of anti-social behaviour.


  1. Promote awareness: Actively encourage the use of the community trigger to residents and partner agencies. 
  2. Legality: Confirm your organisation is legally compliant and embracing the spirit of the community trigger.
  3. Ensure accessibility: Publicise the community trigger so the most vulnerable know what it is and how to invoke it.
  4. Develop your process: Embrace the full potential of the community trigger by continually reviewing and learning from best practice.
  5. Generate inclusivity: Use community trigger review meetings to work collaboratively and strategically, formulating solutions to end the anti-social behaviour.
  6. Establish a precedent of using the community trigger to put victims first and deter perpetrators.

Q. What does your organisation need to do to join the ASB Help PLEDGE?
A. Your organisation must pledge to incorporate ASB Help’s best practice guidance into your internal community trigger policies and procedures.

Q. What can ASB Help provide?
A. You can access ASB Help’s best practice guidance from the ASB Help practitioner website. All guidance is in word format to enable you to tailor it to your organisation.

Q. What type of guidance does ASB Help provide? 
A. We provide the following documents: A self-assessment checklist to inform your policies and procedures are legally compliant and incorporate best practice. We also provide best practice wording on the community trigger and an example terms of a reference document to help govern review meetings. This covers contentious issues such as information sharing and how to formulate a strategy to bring an end to the anti-social behaviour as well as how to guarantee the victim’s voice is heard. We also provide a Chair’s pack and supplementary guidance on the range of legal and non-legal interventions available to practitioners to resolve anti-social behaviour. We will regularly add to this resource with up to date content we identify as being helpful to organisations.

Q. Is there a fee to use ASB Help’s best practice guidance?
A. No. ASB Help is a charity committed to helping victims of anti-social behaviour and we provide this guidance for free. ASB help can assist with more bespoke guidance which would involve visiting an organisation and reviewing their policies and procedures to offer best practice advice. A nominal fee to cover expenses would be requested. ASB Help can recommend consultancy services to assist with wider anti-social behaviour management. Please email ASB Help directly to obtain further information about this. ASB Help is not insured or qualified to provide legal advice.

Q. Why should you be part of the ASB Help PLEDGE?
A. Joining the ASB Help PLEDGE shows the community you are committed to identifying and supporting victims of anti-social behaviour. It demonstrates your willingness to work collaboratively to bring an end to anti-social behaviour as well as steadfast determination to deter such behaviour in the future. By utilising ASB Help’s best practice guidance, you are signalling to stakeholder’s you have embraced the spirit of the community trigger and you are meeting your obligations to the community.

Q. Can we publicise we have joined the ASB Help PLEDGE?
A. Yes, you can publish the ASB Help PLEDGE in your marketing material. ASB Help will also publicise your organisation has joined the PLEDGE but we reserve the right to remove any publicity if we identify concerns that an organisation is not adhering to the commitments in the PLEDGE.

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  • I would recommend Resolve’s antisocial behaviour Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) as a fantastic way to have an independent refresh of your ASB service to ensure community safety partnerships are delivering a high standard of victim care.

    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager
    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager Surrey Police
  • The process was very straight forward and turnaround was very quick. The Resolve associate was knowledgeable and helpful. The feedback was returned in an easy format and informed our policy development going forwards.

    Samantha Allcott
    Samantha Allcott Housing Plus Group
  • The exercise was really worthwhile, and I would recommend it to any organisation wishing to ensure they are providing a high-quality approach (which satisfies regulatory standards) to their customers when managing cases of antisocial behaviour.
    A huge thank you goes to Resolve who worked step by step through this process with us.

    Regional Business Manager
    Regional Business Manager Moat
  • Our old model was different in each region and business area, having a slightly different approach to investigation, recording and monitoring. By harmonising the approach and creating a Community Safety Hub bringing together ASB, domestic abuse, hate crime and community cohesion, Resolve is helping Riverside deliver excellence to its customers.

    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director
    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director Riverside Liverpool City Region

If you have an enquiry about any of the services we offer or simply wish to ensure that you are maximising the benefit of your Resolve membership, please contact the Resolve team.

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