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Mental Health & ASB

08-12-2021 9:00 am -12:30 pm
£75 members/ £95 non-members

In recent years Housing and ASB practitioners have reported an increase in Mental Health issues being a significant contributing factor in ASB casework.

There are more cases than ever before, where Mental Health is being reported as a causal factor in ASB related incidents and equally more cases of victims and witnesses who state that their mental health is suffering because of ASB related incidents. 


DIY Injunctions

10-01-2022 - 17-01-2022
£149 members/£175 non-members

This online course (x2 half day sessions)  is aimed at those officers who wish to prepare for Injunction hearings and present Injunction cases at Court.

 The course will enable learners to identify appropriate cases, understand requirements & thresholds and how best to prepare cases. It will also enable learners to understand the court process, the roles involved and be confident in presenting cases. 
This course is delivered by a qualified solicitor.  

Complex Safegurarding

18-01-2022 9:00 am -12:30 pm
£75 members/ £95 non-members

This online half day course is designed to build confidence, awareness & understanding in front line staff, including Housing, ASB & Community Safety Practitioners, in response to complex safeguarding cases.

This training course will improve knowledge and understanding of complex safeguarding using case scenarios and interactive discussion.

The course covers issues such as, child sexual exploitation, county lines, female genital mutilation, domestic abuse, honour based violence, mate crime, cyber bullying, modern slavery and radicalisation.

It also covers disclosure and responding appropriately. 


Effective Interview Skills

02-02-2022 9:00 am -12:30 pm
£75 members/ £95 non-members

The ability to effectively interview victims and witnesses is essential in resolving most ASB & Community Safety cases. This online half day course will equip learners with differing interview techniques which will be useful when undertaking investigations.

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  • I would recommend Resolve’s antisocial behaviour Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) as a fantastic way to have an independent refresh of your ASB service to ensure community safety partnerships are delivering a high standard of victim care.

    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager
    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager Surrey Police
  • The process was very straight forward and turnaround was very quick. The Resolve associate was knowledgeable and helpful. The feedback was returned in an easy format and informed our policy development going forwards.

    Samantha Allcott
    Samantha Allcott Housing Plus Group
  • The exercise was really worthwhile, and I would recommend it to any organisation wishing to ensure they are providing a high-quality approach (which satisfies regulatory standards) to their customers when managing cases of antisocial behaviour.
    A huge thank you goes to Resolve who worked step by step through this process with us.

    Regional Business Manager
    Regional Business Manager Moat
  • Our old model was different in each region and business area, having a slightly different approach to investigation, recording and monitoring. By harmonising the approach and creating a Community Safety Hub bringing together ASB, domestic abuse, hate crime and community cohesion, Resolve is helping Riverside deliver excellence to its customers.

    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director
    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director Riverside Liverpool City Region

If you have an enquiry about any of the services we offer or simply wish to ensure that you are maximising the benefit of your Resolve membership, please contact the Resolve team.

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