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Conversation not Confrontation Foundation Programme

02-09-2022 9:30 am - 16-09-2022 11:00 am
£125 members/£150 non members

The programme will be structured as three ninety-minute interactive online sessions with an action learning set (or group coaching). The workshops will blend content and tools with skills practice and reflection on typical real life case situations from your  own experiences.

Who should attend?

Anyone across the organisation who has to conduct challenging conversations as a part of their job, deal with customer complaints or handle tense situations. It is great as a refresher and suitable for new starters.


Introduction to ASB

14-09-2022 9:00 am -12:30 pm
£75 members/ £95 non-members

This half day course is designed for new entrants to the sector mainly starters with community safety partnerships, housing officers and contact centre staff.

The aim is to provide delegates with an understanding of what constitutes Anti-Social Behaviour; what measures can be taken to address it, the impact on individuals & communities and the importance of good record keeping in this area of work. 


Introduction to Mental Health & ASB

20-09-2022 9:00 am - 27-09-2022 12:30 pm
£159 members/£185 non-members

This course comprises of 2 half day consecutive sessions on the 20th & 27th September 2022.

Generally, Housing Providers, Police and Community Safety teams have a wide experience of resolving ASB cases successfully across all tenures and taking legal action where necessary. However, where Mental Health is seen as the main contributing factor, many agencies, including housing and their partners, continue to face difficulties in responding effectively to these types of cases.

Successful completion will allow delegates to :

  • Have a basic understanding of different types of Mental Health issues
  • Have a basic understanding of some aspects of the Mental Health Act
  • Understand the basic principles of the Mental Capacity Assessment
  • Understand the capacity test and assessment
  • Understand the importance of a harm centred approach to ASB casework
  • Understand the Justification exercise
  • What to think about when sharing information and effective partnership working
  • The importance of supported accommodation
  • Being aware of relevant caselaw.

ASB Tools and The Equality Act 2010

23-09-2022 9:30 am -3:00 pm
£149 members/£175 non-members

Who should attend?

The course would be appropriate for ASB officers, housing officers or anyone with management responsibilities or contact with ASB work, especially those who deal with complex cases or tenants and perpetrators that have mental health, capacity and disability issues.

Length of course – 5.5 hours

There are a range of tools to resolve ASB cases, but often perpetrators have complex needs and issues. This one-day course will enable learners to consider the most appropriate tool(s) given the nature, priority and complexity of the case and the required outcomes, whilst taking in to account the Equality Act, mental health and capacity considerations.

This course is delivered by Raina Mason, Senior Solicitor for Nottingham City Council.


ASB Case management skills

11-10-2022 9:00 am - 18-10-2022 12:30 pm
£149 members/£175 non-members

This course is x 2 half day sessions and is aimed at those officers who deal with ASB cases as part of their role.

The course will enable the delegate to understand the methodology of good case management, and will include categories of ASB, risk assessment, investigation techniques, assessing a case, appropriate responses & tools, intervening early, evidence gathering, record keeping, and victim / witness support. Who should attend? Housing officers, ASB / Community Safety officers, ASB team Leaders, Police Officers.


Resilience Training

19-10-2022 9:00 am - 26-10-2022 12:30 pm
£159 members/£185 non-members

This Course comprises of 2 half days and is aimed at Officers who deal with ASB/Community Safety cases as part of their role. 

It will enable Delegates to understand the meaning of resilience and it’s benefits, both personally and in their working life, with specific reference to resilience in the ASB and Community Safety Fields of work.  It will outline how resilience can be built up, as well as, an insight and guidance into tools and techniques that can be used to do this.  The Course also takes a look at building resilient teams within the workplace. 

Resilience provides the capacity to deal effectively with stress, trauma and set backs to facilitate the ability to move on positively and proactively, reducing the risk of psychological ‘burn out’ and other stress related conditions.


Choosing the Right ASB Tools

01-11-2022 9:00 am -12:30 pm
£75 members/ £95 non-members

There are a range of tools to resolve ASB cases and this half-day course will enable learners to consider the most appropriate one(s) given the nature, priority and complexity of the case and the required outcomes.


• understanding the range of ASB tools available, both court enforceable and non-enforceable

• understanding the pros and cons of each tool, how each tool works and when it is most effective

• understanding how to apply each tool in practice

• an overview of the consequences of breaching / non-compliance



Effective Statement Taking Skills

02-11-2022 9:00 am -12:30 pm
£75 members/ £95 non-members

The ability to take statements which are capable of being submitted in judicial proceedings is essential in resolving most ASB & Community Safety cases.

This half day course will provide learners with knowledge of how to produce witness statements which can be used in legal proceedings.

This includes, direct witness statements, statements that include hearsay, housing management statements and community impact statements. Also included in this unit will be the rules in relation to evidence and statements for ASB and crime cases.

Practical examples will be used and templates can be provided.


Supporting Victims & Witnesses

03-11-2022 9:00 am - 10-11-2022 12:30 pm
£159 members/£185 non-members

This course is delivered over two sessions 3rd and 10th November 2022.

Supporting victims and witnesses of crime or antisocial behaviour is an essential skill in order to procure their evidence in proceedings, promote community confidence and avoid unnecessary anxiety.

Learners will be provided with knowledge of how to understand, deal with and support victims and witnesses of crime and /or antisocial behaviour so that they feel confident to assist, guide, reassure and empower those victims and witnesses to participate in resolution processes.

Who should attend?

Housing officers, ASB / Community Safety officers, ASB team Leaders, Police Officers

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  • I would recommend Resolve’s antisocial behaviour Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) as a fantastic way to have an independent refresh of your ASB service to ensure community safety partnerships are delivering a high standard of victim care.

    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager
    Jo Grimshaw, Antisocial Behaviour Manager Surrey Police
  • The process was very straight forward and turnaround was very quick. The Resolve associate was knowledgeable and helpful. The feedback was returned in an easy format and informed our policy development going forwards.

    Samantha Allcott
    Samantha Allcott Housing Plus Group
  • The exercise was really worthwhile, and I would recommend it to any organisation wishing to ensure they are providing a high-quality approach (which satisfies regulatory standards) to their customers when managing cases of antisocial behaviour.
    A huge thank you goes to Resolve who worked step by step through this process with us.

    Regional Business Manager
    Regional Business Manager Moat
  • Our old model was different in each region and business area, having a slightly different approach to investigation, recording and monitoring. By harmonising the approach and creating a Community Safety Hub bringing together ASB, domestic abuse, hate crime and community cohesion, Resolve is helping Riverside deliver excellence to its customers.

    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director
    Dean Butterworth, Regional Director Riverside Liverpool City Region

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